My Teaching:

I am a 200 hour RYT who loves to share my passion with youth and adults.  Currently teaching predominantly Hatha yoga, I focus on the connection of movement to breath, alignment, and presence in the moment.  I teach private yoga for adults and in after school yoga programs for youth.  Continuing training will focus on yoga therapy and prenatal yoga.  I integrate certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils into my yoga classes.  As a doTerra Wellness Advocate and Yoga Teacher, I am living out my purpose of connecting people to themselves, to each other and to nature. 


My Story:

My first experience with yoga was in 2003 in Northern California where the Pacific Ocean meets the Redwood Forest.  I developed a love for the feeling yoga would leave with me.  During practice, I could lose myself in the dance between movement and breath.  I was ever so grateful to my teacher for that leftover yoga bliss at the end of class.

I feel at home on the mat and I have a natural tendency towards teaching so in the summer of 2014, I pursued my yoga teacher training back in my hometown - Tucson, Arizona and now I feel joy and reward to be able to teach and share yoga!  I integrate essential oils into every yoga session I teach, as I have found that they are a very useful, natural tool to settle into the physical and mental practice of yoga. When I am not teaching yoga or essential oils, I am spending time with my husband and two young children, reading, creating, pondering and dancing.